Once upon a time there was a lady that loved horses and had a passion for classical dressage.  She also had a desire to create cheese, soap and oh did she ever have a passion for CARAMEL!  This passionate lady was on a search for warmblood horse in goat body.  Impossible you say well actually no not all.  See met her mentor Sandra Stephen that raised Saanen Dairy Goats and just so happened to be an artist, I will get to that later.  Sandra told our passionate lady "Once you have a dairy goat you will never experience the love that an animal can give".  Well the lady, me, thought yea right!  There is nothing like the love of a horse or dog.  Well I must eat my words I LOVE my "GIRLS" aka goats.  My "girls" have taught me how to milk, deliver kids, make cheese, soap and oh CARAMEL.  I almost forgot we have also published a book "Tilly the Goat Princess".  It started out as a cute little story about Tilly my doe and my caramel and a friend of mine Marjie Abrahamson said after reading my little bleep about Tilly and my caramel you just wrote a children's book.  So that is how the book came about and Sandra Stephens my goat mentor illustrated all the colorful photos in the book.

So there you have it.  I hope to end this story with they lived happily ever after.