12 Shower Steamers and (1) Inhaler for sinus and or allergy relief

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Inhaler infused with REAL menthol and or custom blend you choose made to order.  Will last 30 days or longer as well as you keep the inhaler closed.

‼️For use in the shower only.. ‼️
❌(DO NOT use in BATH.. Contains Menthol)❌
Place in bottom of shower and let the water hit it naturally to release menthol scent.. Amazing for congestion and allergy relief!! I love these😊

❄️🍃It works best if placed in a less water flow area to get the best experience from your shower steamer.. occasionally let the water run over the steamer without placing directly under the stream of water. You don't want water to hit it constantly or all its menthol goodness will just wash down the drain.. 😊enjoy!!