Buck Beard Oil

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Handmade with 100% natural oils and essential oils, this beard oil absorbs quickly and gives your beard a smooth, soft, subtle shine. Great for conditioning the skin underneath you beard. Promotes hair growth by helping you maintain a healthy beard. Mildly Scented with Cedar, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and a hint of lavendar.  The container is a 4 oz spray container that prevents spillage and offers a light spritz of oil in each pump.

Sweet Almond oil is a mild oil from the sweet almond that has a light texture and is hypoallergenic making it very gentle on the skin. It softens and conditions hair and skin and replaces the protective coating at the shaft of each hair which helps protect the hair from breakage. Almond oil is rich in magnesium, zinc, and calcium. These minerals are crucial to hair growth and to prevent hair loss.

Castor oil is also an excellent oil for hair growth. It is high in vitamin E and fatty acids which support hair growth and strength and is also naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal which helps prevent “beardruff.”

  • Lavender has antimicrobial properties which help relieve dry scalp and prevent dandruff.
  • Cedarwood increases circulation in the scalp which helps stimulate new growth. It’s anti-fungal properties help relieve itching and prevent dandruff.
  • Rosemary also increases circulation to the scalp aiding in new growth and promotes healing which eases puffiness, itching, and swelling.
  • Ylang Ylang stimulates the scalp for increased hair growth and does an excellent job balancing oils in skin.

Ingredients: Grape seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, and Essential Oils of Cedar, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang and a hint of Lavender