Golden Paste All Creatures Turmeric

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How turmeric helps a damaged brain 

Golden paste is made with the best turmeric, organic coconut oil, fresh ground pepper, touch or very high grade of Ceylon cinnamon to prevent the odor from detox and bromelain.  The Golden paste is great for all of Gods creatures.

Turmeric benefits your dog in many different ways:

  1. It can decrease inflammation (can help with itchy skin issues)
  2. It’s a powerful antioxidant
  3. It helps thin the blood (lowering the risk of blood clots)
  4. Protects the liver from toxins

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Let's hear it for my version of "Golden Paste" Martha Chapman Leary of Start-Mar rescues says it best " I have to say that I've never taken anything that had such a profound affect on how I feel. I have taken an inflammation test (blood test) fairly recently and am very much within normal limits so it's not that but I have knee and back problems and that's completely gone. I can move with out any discomfort and I feel overall better. I do take other supplements but never had an affect like this. One of my dogs has a fused area of her spine and she is very stiff. One of her problems is that she can't lift her head up to look up at me. NOW SHE CAN! I have two other dogs on it for old age small fatty tumors and my 22 year old dog is on it just because. My husband is trying to take it but will have to wait until I have my supply. I won't get in this situation again. Thanks for being accommodating me. See added to say I give it to my foster dog Duffy who is a 7,8 year old former puppy mill dog. Starting to see some fluidity in her movement. I forgot to add her to my list of recipients!"